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MCTS 70-562 – Passed!

October 8, 2009 3 comments

Yesss! Just passed the 70-562 exam with good score and got the MCTS certification for Technology Specialist: .NET Framework 3.5 ASP.NET Applications!

Let me share some of my experience…


Preparing the Exam

I passed the foundation exam (70-536) in August and took me one and a half month to prepare for this one.

I set as primary goal to learn and apply it, not just pass the exam. So I used both the official preparation guide and a few good books to cover some of the aspects the training kit did not cover well enough, as follows:

For the training kit, I took the approach of reading through the different chapters of the book, doing the labs and then taking the practice tests.


Taking the Exam

 The required score to pass is 700/1000. There is only the pass or fail grade as the end result; beyond that the actual score you get does not have any importance.
During the exam, I took the approach of getting through the full set of questions once, and then going back for review each of them.
One thing you have to consider is that there is a slight delay between the questions (in order of 4-8 seconds). In other words, you need to consider these as well when setting up your time for review.


My Points and Suggestions

1. Take the training kit as a guide only. You can get a deeper knowledge by practicing and reading the details on the documentation (MSDN).
2. During the exam, there are questions that can be found only in books other than the prep guide. Good guessing is the key for these. For example, the mobile section needs further reading.


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